Kulwinder Bajwa
Inventor and Consultant Osteopath at TMO Clinic

"In 2011, after 20 years of practicing as an Osteopath and almost daily answering the question from my patients as to which are the best pillows for them, it occurred to me that there was no scientific way to advise someone as to which pillow they should sleep on. So, I came up with one. 
Medical professionals worldwide agree that ideally the head and neck should be aligned with the rest of the spine when you lie down. This reduces the strain on the body and encourages better sleep. 
But we are not all the same size, so there is no one pillow that suits everyone. 
In the same way that there is no one size shoe or shirt or trousers or skirt that fits everyone there is a need for pillows for our differing sizes. 
Just as we can get measured for our clothes size I came up with a way to quickly and easily measure someone for their 'pillow size'. 
Over a period of several months and after a lot of research the pillow size measuring system and pillows in different heights was developed. 
The pillow size measuring system was rolled out gradually in 2012 (Goldilocks Pillows). In March that year, four Osteopathy clinics took up the system and began to measure patients for their pillow size and provide them with the correct height pillow. Within 2 years the system was being used by clinics throughout the entire UK; from Edinburgh to Guernsey and from Cardiff to Southend."

In 2014 the patents for the pillow measuring system were licensed to

enable the system to be developed for worldwide distribution.

The first retailer that started using the system in their stores was

Harvey Norman in Ireland (Sleep Studio). 
As a result of the Covid pandemic in 2020 it was decided to develop

the pillow measuring system so that people could get measured

at home. Range Pillows is that system.

Why are we so confident that you will that you will sleep better on a Range Pillow?

Our pillows have been sold in the UK since 2012 (Goldilocks Pillows). Until now they have been exclusively available through medical practitioners. The pillows have transformed the lives of so many people that are now sleeping better and with fewer sleep related problems. The right height pillow gives your better neck and spinal alignment. Suitable for both side and back sleepers, we do not recommend that you sleep on your front!

Medical endorsements & Customer testimonials

The re-order rate of users has been almost 100% meaning that when their pillow needs replacing, people love their pillow so much that they simply have replaced their pillow with another from us.

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