privacy policy

We have been selling our pillows using our patented pillow selection method since March 2012. During this time we have listened and reacted to all the feedback that our customers and suppliers have given us. This has enabled us to perfect our pillows so that over the last 5 years we have virtually had 100% positive feedback and this has made us confident that you too will love your pillow. 
We ask that you give yourself time to get used to your new pillow and this can take up to 2 weeks in some cases. If, however, you are not happy with your pillow we do offer you the option to return the pillow to us for a refund. We ask that you contact us first to discuss the issue and if we cannot find a solution we will instruct you on how to return the pillow. 
Here's more info about how it all works:

  • This offer is available for our COMFOREL & AERELLE PILLOWS.

  • You must have purchased and used to measure your pillow size a Pillow Measuring Device directly from our website.

  • The pillow must have been bought directly from the Range Pillows website.

  • The pillow must have been delivered directly to you and not bought as a gift and delivered to any other address.

  • You will have used the pillow for a minimum of 14 consecutive nights.

  • You will have covered the pillow in a pillow protector and a pillow case to prevent the pillow from getting any stains or marks on it. 

  • You will need to contact us directly to discuss the problem you are having and we will try to find a solution. If we cannot then we will give you instructions on how to return the pillow for a refund.

  • The refund will be for the cost of the pillow only. No refund will be offered for the cost of the measuring device or delivery.

  • You are responsible for the cost of the safe return of the pillow to us. 

  • When we receive the returned pillow it will be checked and the refund will be authorised. We will email you to let you know when this has been done. 

  • Please retain the original packaging that the pillow was sent to you in. You will need to return this with the pillow.

  • Only one pillow trial is available per household/delivery address.