Testimonials from some of our customers

Please note that these reviews are for Goldilocks Pillows. Range Pillows is the new name for the same product 

For neck pain​

  • My Goldilocks Pillow** immensely improved the comfort I had when side-lying, my head and neck felt much more relaxed and neck ache definitely improved. Linda H. Reading.

  • Since the arrival of Goldilocks I have never again awoken with a stiff neck or funny shoulder, wonderful. Sarah S. Maidenhead, Berkshire.

  • A better deeper sleep, awaking after a 5 hour sleep really refreshed, no tension in shoulders, used to sleep with 2/3 pillows before now only need one, I am getting a much sounder sleep. Stephen G. London.

  • I am absolutely delighted with my “Goldilocks” pillow and give it full marks: a brilliant invention, superbly made, providing perfect head and neck support, combined with comfort – a total success! Marilyn J C. Windsor

  • I have sleeping on my Goldilocks pillow for 6 weeks. Already I have noticed that my neck is less painful in the morning, the tight feeling that used to lead to a migraine is no longer there. Pat L. Maidenhead

  • I used to use 2 pillows. It took a few days to get used to the firmness, sleeping so much better lying in a better position no more neck cricks!!! Sandra W. Windsor

  • For 17 years I have need treatment very regularly, since using my new Goldilocks pillow I have not had any neck issues!!! I would absolutely recommend it. Simon F. Twickenham


For comfort

  • The pillow was extremely beneficial and comfortable I originally bought it for myself but after using it for a while and finding how good it is I bought the whole family one and we all agree it is a really good product. Preety S. Northamptonshire.

  • The first night I used the pillow it felt a little firm. The second night I don’t even remember falling asleep all I remember is the alarm going off in the morning. The third night I found myself hugging my pillow while watching the TV, I love my goldilocks pillow. Pauline D. Burnham.

  • That pillow is brilliant! I now manage to have a good night’s sleep; I don’t wake up in the night any more. I wake up in the morning and I think this is great it doesn’t hurt! Linda T. Lymington.

  • More comfortable and sleeping better, it has made a massive difference to our sleep. Alan Scott former British Judo champion & wife.

  • It’s really comfy I love my goldilocks pillow. Christie S. Oxford

  • The pillow is very comfortable, I sleep much deeper and don’t move around so much. Maria S. Maidenhead.

  • The pillow is very comfortable, very supportive and I am sleeping so well it is fantastic.  Ronny C. Burnham.

  • 1 month on: I used to use 2 pillows now I only need one. Straight away the pillows were comfortable and I have slept really well. They hold their shape wonderfully and I love puffing them up. Highly recommended!  Sandra C. Iver, Bucks.

  • I am loving the pillow, a golden night sleep. I like it is firm but not too hard, supportive but feels soft and comfortable. Plumping keeps its shape. Ben H. Ascot.

  • The pillow is comfortable and my head and neck have good support. I feel less need to constantly shuffle my pillows like I used. Z Ali. Windsor

  • The new pillow is very comfortable, a very, very good pillow indeed. I have kept the bag it came in so that I can take it with me when I go on holiday. Diana R. Norfolk.

For back pain

  • I have noticed the benefit to my back already there is less pain. I have also noticed that I am not turning over so much and it take me less time to brush my hair in the morning! Julie N. Buckinghamshire.

  • Since using my new pillow I’ve found I’ve woken less in the night, no more dead arms and it’s easier to get up in the morning and back is less painful, better night's sleep with less tossing and turning. Jay R. Penn.

  • Thank you Goldilocks Pillows. I should explain why. I have been a bad back sufferer for about 30 years requiring almost monthly treatment. In addition, over the years, I have tried every sort of pillow and combination of pillows, both to improve sleeping comfort and to stop waking with neck pain. I started using my “Goldilocks” pillow about 3 weeks ago. Not only have I slept much better, a bit more on this below, but I sensed that my back was not seizing up as normal. This week I saw my osteopath who told me I was a ‘fraud’- music to my ears. Over the last month the muscles in my back had hardly stiffened at all. In other words I had not needed treatment. So- I sleep better; have had the joy of no pain and it looks like I will save many times the pillow’s cost in reduced treatment fees. And that is not all. Ever since starting to use the pillow I have not had to go to the loo during the night. This cannot be a coincidence. I was staying last week-end with friends. On all three nights I had to go to the loo. This is a great side effect. Richard B, Windsor.


For snoring

  • I have noticed that the wife is snoring far less since she started to use a Goldilocks Pillow, so I have decided to buy one myself! Rakesh V. Holyport.

  • I have stopped snoring according to the other half. I got used to the pillow straight away, it’s lovely. I find I am waking up quite early and not needing anywhere near as much sleep as I did before I got my Goldilocks pillow; I feel so much more rested and awake, it has made a noticeable difference. Philipa W. Marlow.

For better sleep

  • The pillow is good, does what it says, I get such a good night’s sleep I go out like a light. David T. Trowbridge.

  • I’ve been waiting for years to find the right pillow, now I’ve found it. John J. Reigate.I bought my Goldilocks Pillows 3 weeks ago and I am very impressed with it. It’s so nice to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and confident to face the day. I am conscience I have less aches and pains. Karen W. Twickenham.

  • I am sleeping through the night which I haven’t done for many years; I am now able to sleep on my side I actually look forward to going to bed knowing I am going to have a restful night’s sleep. I miss it when I am away and look forward to getting back to my Goldilocks pillow. Adele H. High Wycombe

  • The pillows are great, thank you. Carol & Hugh, Ascot.It felt hard for a couple of nights then I threw my old one in the bin, I feel more aligned and I am sleep soundly. Sheila R. Maidenhead

  • I can’t imagine life before my new goldilocks pillow, it just feels so right. I am sleeping through the night far more even when I am stressed! Cathy B. Reading

  • This is the best pillow I have used in all the years I have been sleeping!!! The first night I had to get used to the pillows but once I did get used to it I realized I will never use any other pillow ever again, brilliant. Keith B. Windsor.

  • 'We recently purchased 2 pillows from Goldilocks Pillows and they have massively changed my life for the better. In my line of work I'm constantly on my feet and I work very very long hours. What little sleep I used to have was reduced because I was always waking up tossing and turning and could never seem to get comfortable! Now with these new pillows I'm 'out like a light' within minutes and I'm always woken up by my alarm and not by my girlfriend's elbow or a dead arm! Worth every penny!! Philip D. Chelsea.

  • I have found the pillow to be tremendous!!! I have not been getting enough sleep recently because of long hours working but what I do get is quality sleep. I have never felt so refreshed in the mornings. My pillow is coming to the Alps with me, I need a good night's sleep before my race. I think Goldilocks pillows are a must have! Jo H. Marlow.


  • "I have been using my new Goldilocks pillow for two months now, and I haven't looked back. I never realised how much difference the right size pillow makes, definitely the best orthopaedic pillow ever." Mr Duncan (Maidenhead)

  • It took a couple of days to get used to them. But once we did they felt brilliant and we really missed them on holiday. Great pillows no hesitation in recommending them. Andy and Agi. Bracknell

Medical practitoners

  • A great idea. We have stocked these pillows since 2012 and our patients love them.
    Ajit Patel Consultant Osteopath Kent

  • One sensible idea, one amazing product! I have used and sold these pillows for nearly 9 years.Steve Palmer Independent Manual Therapist Horsham

  • This product genuinely has the potential to revolutionise sleep quality for everyone. It's not just about the pillow material but also, and most importantly, the sizing. How obvious!
    David Propert Consultant Osteopath London & senior lecturer British School of Osteopathy

  • "What a good idea! Pillows made to different sizes to fit the varied requirements of our patients', from the little old lady to the rugby player frame! I wish I'd thought of it!"
    Gerry Carter consultant Osteopath Brighton & Former Senior Lecturer European School of Osteopathy

**Goldilocks Pillows are now known as Range Pillows